Allure the interviewer with your skills and justify your importance with your selling point. This is a moment to tell how you as a person can change the game and what makes you difference and unique. Conclude your statement in such a way that you are considered as an upcoming asset for the company. Don’t simply list facts that are easily found on your resume. Tell them something else; something unique about you.

Start by looking at the job description or posting. What is the employer stressing as requirements of the job? What will it take to get the job done? Make a list of those requirements.

Next, do an inventory to determine what you have to offer as a fit for those requirements. Think of two or three key qualities you have to offer that match those the employer is seeking. Don’t underestimate personal traits that make you unique such as your energy, personality type, working style, and people skills. For example, if you are someone who is very flexible, then stress the importance of this and how this can make you excel at the job.

“I consider myself as being a very flexible person and my work is always one of my highest priorities. For example, if I need to come in to the office at 7 am and stay very late, I will do that. If my manager suddently asks me to step into another project, then I will do so without any hesitation.”

From the list of requirements, match what you have to offer and merge the two into a summary statement. This is your sales pitch. It should be no more than two minutes long and should stress the traits that make you unique and a good match for the job.

Completing an exercise around this question will allow you to concentrate on your unique qualities. Take some time to think about what sets you apart from others. If you sell your pitch, the job will be yours.

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