Are you looking for a career change in 2018? Not sure where to begin your search? Read this post on whether a contract or full-time position is the right fit for you!

Working with the IT industry is interesting. One thing that you need to know is that the unemployment rate in the technology industry has decreased to about 2.4% as compared to other industries. According to statistics done in 2015, the salaries of the IT professionals have risen by 4%.

When looking at the job market in different fields, jobs are currently being issued on the contract basis as compared to full-time employment. Working on contract terms means your hiring status will last for a fixed amount of time, preferably, three months or six months.

One important benefit that comes with working in the IT field is the amount of contracting that comes with this specific industry. While there are numerous vacancies for contract jobs in other industries, it is quite common in the technology sector. This is because most IT professionals get the opportunity of choosing to work on a contract or full-time basis. There are many positive reasons that motivate people in different fields to work on contract basis.

The biggest benefit of working on contract basis for IT professionals is the receivership of wage. As compared to the full-time employment, IT professionals on contract receive a higher pay per hour. One thing that contractors don’t get from employers is benefits such as insurance and vacation, which are normally deducted from full-time employees. Regarding this, they get to have a bigger paycheck because the items are not deducted from the paycheck.

IT professionals work on technical terms. In order to gain experience, they must work on different projects to amass the as the top of their field. Contractors work for a specified amount of time. Working for 3 to 12months contract as compared to full-time employment gives them the chance of working on many projects in many companies and industries, which will enrich them with the amount of experience that will enable the top their fields.

Another benefit of that comes with working on different projects is the fact that this company or project may put into use different technological devices that can help them add the experience. Contract employment helps you move from place to place, from companies to companies and from one technology to another. This means that contract employees can work with different project managers and team members while gaining experience from various skill sets and individuals. In a full-time position, most individuals are stuck with the same team or manager, even if the situation is undesirable. Since contract positions are temporary, employees are not “stuck” in any situation or team for a very long period of time.

Full-time employment comes to its benefits. The mode of employment makes you have a working relationship with the coworkers. This is not only helpful in building teamwork, but also helps in building networks which will be helpful in the future. IT professionals get to know the company inside and out as well as the technological devices they are operating with. Having the familiarity with the technology enables them to be an expert in a particular field.

Working on contract basis needs you to be sharp and social to a certain level. While working on the contract basis comes with many benefits, it may not be ideal for everybody. Sometimes if other employees know that you are working on contract basis, you do not get the opportunity to network and get into the inner circle of the company. If you do not have the capacity or have an idea that will enable you to remarket yourself to new employers at the end of the previous contract job, then you should probably think of taking a full term employment. One good choice of employment for one IT individual may be not the choice of another. It all depends on the goal you have for your career. No matter the choice of employment, technology offers a considerable amount of jobs today.

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